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Welcome To Krishna Fiber Glass

The unique properties of Fiberglass make it suitable for a wide range of product applications, and offer advantages that are not found in other types of construction. These advantages include:

Design Freedom
High degree of design flexibility. The practical uses of fiberglass are virtually endless, limited only by your imagination. Fiberglass opened many new avenues for creative designers. Its unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, molded and manufactured to meet almost any specifications. Because there are few constraints on size, shape, color or finish, the styling and appearance can take precedence over manufacturing costs.

This design freedom and the easiness to work make fiberglass an economical alternative for the manufacture of any component or finished product in any quantity.Versatility The lightweight strength of fiberglass has always made it a popular choice for manufacturing. Fiberglass offers distinct advantages in a wide range of products; its reduced weight and maintenance make it attractive on architectural projects. More and more industries are discovering the benefits of its versatility.

Strength & Durability
High strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength. Fiberglass is an attractive lightweight material that builds strength into almost any finished product or component. Pound for pound fiberglass can be stronger than steel and sheet metals. Highly resistant to environmental extremes. Fiberglass is built to last. Dollar for dollar, fiberglass reinforced plastic products provide better performance than plain non-reinforced plastic units.

Fiberglass parts are gel-coated in their molds with a choice of flat, semi-gloss or high gloss color eliminating the need for painting. In highly corrosive environments gel-coats are much more durable than most paints.

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Quality of our materials will be best. We try our best to give fully satisfaction to our customer.

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