Designed Cloth

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Designed Cloth

As you know that everyone likes color and if there are a lot of colors together in an attractive manner than it seems more beautiful and impressive. We therefore due to the above reason presenting once we are herewith our new product i.e. "Designed Fabrics" for Fiber glass Roofing Sheet.

Our special types of pigments had been developed and being used inspite of ordinary types of dyes due to which the minimum damage occur upon colors in the open atmosphere in comparison to dyes.

At present we had few designs of fabrics (as Fig. Military 501, Army 502, Jungle 503, Olive 504, Olive Green 505). We are working for develop different designs on fabrics.


  • Provide a great & outstanding look to your FRP roof.
  • Less damage in open atmosphere.
  • Due to extended length, designed fabrics can be cute according to the required size.
  • Quite cheaper according to its performance and other fabrics available in the market.

Note: We can provide you design as per your choice too, only you have to provide us the sample of cloth of your choice. The minimum quantity for the same will be 1000 mtrs. These cloths are available in Five Designs