Chopped Strands

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Chopped Strands

Chopped strands are E-Glass fibers which made by chopping continuous dry or wet strands in 3mm~6mm lengths depending on the type of strand. Other chopped lengths could be possible after consultation. It is a type of glass fiber reinforcement consisting of strands of individual glass fibers which have been chopped into short lengths and bonded together within the strands so that they remain in bundles after chopping. They are easily handled and added to a polyester or urethane resin system to impart strength.

For polyester systems, chopped strand can be used to strengthen edges or corners. Impact, tensile, compressive and flexural can be increased through the addition of chopped strand. Cabosil or fiberglass flock should be added as a thickening agent to the system in order to prevent running of the liquid resin.

In addition to being used as resin filler in polyester, many of our clients have been successful using this product to impart strength in urethane systems. Because the chopped strand fibers will float, it is best to use fillite in the system to thicken the liquid and prevent fiber floatation. It is not recommended to use cabosil as a thickening agent in urethane, as it is an easy way for moisture to enter the system and cause unwanted air bubbles.

E-glass chopped strand used as reinforcement for thermosets and thermoplastic PA, PBT, PET, PP, ABS, AS, etc. Its surface was painted by silicone coupling agent (silane treatment). Widely used in automotive industry, under-the-hood applications, home appliances, valves, headlamp settings, pump casing, electrical equipment, lawn and garden appliances, anti-corrosion chemistry and exercise equipments.

Chopped strand is also added to increase the strength of plaster. In the production of plaster mother molds or cast figures, the inherent brittle nature of plaster can be avoided by adding chopped E glass fibers for strength.